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Enrich your life

Enrich your life

We Offer Unique Nutritional Solutions
From Around The World


Hansford's Solutions ProDiet™ 綜合超級食物
ProDiet™ 綜合超級食物 ProDiet™ Comprehensive Superfoods

30 seconds to have the complete power of superfoods

Help Your Body
Quench Thirst

Hansford's Solutions Hansford's Solutions Hydrosorb™ 電解質複合粉 Hydrosorb™ Electrolyte Complex Base Powder
Hydrosorb™ Electrolyte Complex Base Powder

High-efficiency hydration and electrolyte replenishment solutions to support athletic performance

Keep Youth

Hansford's Solutions
Collapex™ 膠原蛋白和透明質酸鈉(HA)複合物

A solution to fight skin aging to effectively enhance moisturization and increase elasticity.

The New Pop Rocks Solution

Hansford's Solutions
CheerRock™ The New Pop Rocks Solution

We have developed a complete pop rocks portfolio that addresses different nutritional needs.

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