Tasty and Convenient
Nutritional Solutions

Contains 3 minerals,
9 vitamins and 20 amino acids

Vitamins and minerals products have always been the most popular products in the market, but now most of the vitamins and minerals are integrated vitamins and minerals that exist independently or in a dry blending process. This will be due to uniformity, efficacy, and palatability. Restrictions or even simultaneous supplementation may have an antagonistic effect

OrceadL™ is a new solution that uses microencapsulation process technology with antioxidant and sustained release properties to maintain product stability, reduce antagonism and improve bioavailability. At the same time, OrceadL™ also has good water dispersibility and palatability. Through improvement, it can be widely used in different product formulations.

Allergy Free

No allergy source
No burden on the body


Easy And Fast Preparation
Of Materials

Good Flavor

Eliminate annoying smells,
Has excellent palatability


Exclusive dual craft,
Maintain activity and
not easy to spoil


Multi-stage slow release,
Can effectively absorb
different parts


  • Exclusive Tricona & Pelcraft dual technology

  • Contains a variety of basic nutritional active ingredients

  • Palatability & good flavor

  • Provide developers with the most convenient use

  • Simple material preparation, reduce inventory


  • Capsule/Tablet/Sachet/Oral Drop

  • Meal Replacement Packs/Shakes/Cereal Powders/Sports Nutrition Powders

  • Functional Nutrition Bar/Jelly/Gummy

  • RTD Drink

  • Special Meal Formula

  • Formula Milk Powder


  • Stability Test

  • Palatability Rating

  • Sustained-Release Effect (A)

  • Sustained-Release Effect (B)

  • Stability Test

  • Palatability Rating

  • Sustained-Release Effect (A)

  • Sustained-Release Effect (B)

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